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"Over 100,000 people apply for Drama School in the UK each year. It's my mission to help you beat the competition and get your coveted place at a prestigious drama school. 

In my eBook Guide to Drama School Auditions, I'll introduce you to the main areas for you to consider when preparing for Drama School and give you the top tips that have helped hundreds of my clients gain places at top acting schools."


Even the best young actors can struggle to get into Drama School. Especially when only about 1.1% of applicants actually get a place. If you want the advantage in your Drama School auditions - then it's time to get this guide that's free to download. 

Author, Acting Coach and Performance Psychology Expert Mark Westbrook reveals the top tips that he shares with his clients that help them to overcome obstacles, set helpful goals and avoid all the silly mistakes that you can make. 

Whether it's RADA, LAMDA, RCS or any acting college around the world - this guide will help you succeed. 

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Mark Westbrook is one of the most outspoken acting coaches in the UK, his blog is regularly read by over 30,000 people. His clients include Oscar and BAFTA winners. He is the author of Truth in Action, a Manual of Common Sense for Actors. Every day Mark helps actors overcome their mental obstacles on their way to a more truthful and captivating performance. He is the writer/producer of To The Sea made with Spartak Films and ConCam Productions. 

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