The Only One to Blame… Is You.

Most people that want to be actors, or want to be more successful actors, will never actually achieve their goal.

They will blame the industry, the directors who will only work with the same people, the lack of opportunities for <;insert excuse here>, they will blame the lack of opportunities in <insert city/town/state/country here>, they will blame the lack of roles for their type, they will blame the fact they need to , they will blame the fact they never got into the fancy school, they will blame the fact that the industry around them is elitist, closed, cliquey, and excludes people like them.

They will blame the talented, because they were given their gift innately and didn’t have to graft for it.

They will blame the lucky, because they were given THEIR opportunity by coincidence and didn’t have to graft for it.

They will blame anything and everyone. If you are this kind of person, you are your own worst enemy.

They blame everyone but will fail to come to the conclusion that the only person to blame if you don’t have the career that you want is YOU.

I’m sorry, it’s not a nice realisation. But you’re in luck this time. Because if you can give up blame and take action, be unafraid of graft, give up on instant gratification, and focus your attention on the goal and the steps required to get there. You will have ONLY ONE PERSON to BLAME FOR YOUR SUCCESS. You.

Do you want that? Do you want to be standing there in 1, 2, 5 Years, grinning at yourself in the mirror at being where you want to be?

Then stopping blaming everything else and start to take action.

The key to success in acting, or any field is not talent, is not luck, but action following intention.

Over the next few days, I will be holding your hand through a few exercises that I’d like you to do. And if you commit real time to them. Things are going to change for you in a big way.

All I need is your commitment. Costs you nothing. Just a little time, 100% attention and the willingness to take action based on intention.

Can you do it? Check Back Here Tomorrow Then and we’ll start off together.