THIS is Olivia and she TALKS SENSE…

Olivia is 19. She’s not a professional but she talks more sense about acting than most of the people I’ve met in the industry. If that offends you, I’m not sorry.

She runs a website called Straight From School and what’s great about it, is that she is offering advice, help and opinion on acting and casting and we (the visitor) learn as she learns.

I really liked this YouTube clip, not just because she quotes me, but also because she is clearly passionate about what she does, what she wants to do and she’s savvy enough to start making an impact right now. She’s a bit obsessed with Harry Potter, but I’m sure we can live with that.

Take a look at the clip and remind yourself. Acting is NOT your dream, it is an achievable goal.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t embed her YouTube clip into my page for some reason, but if you’d like to see her chatting about Acting and Dreams..  Here’s a link below.

Olivia Talks Sense