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An Actor's Guide to Overcoming Mental Interference in Exceptional Performance

"We are masters of self-sabotage. t's my mission to help you overcome the mental obstacles that block the route to exceptional performance. 

In my eBOOK The 12 Obstacles, I'll introduce you to the 12 mental obstacles that you'll have to overcome to give every performance your best.  Then, I'll give suggestions about how to overcome them. And you can download it for free. So what's stopping you?"



Even the best actors can struggle to convert audition opportunities in acting jobs. The 12 Obstacles reveals how all of us are challenged by the mental interference of performing under pressure. Audition Success requires more than just good acting and 'luck'. 

Author, Acting Coach and Performance Psychology Expert Mark Westbrook reveals the 12 most common obstacles that stand in the way of our best acting performances under pressure. Mark offers powerful tools for overcoming these obstacles, freeing your natural ability from the restraints of the Inner Critic. 



Mark Westbrook is one of the most outspoken acting coaches in the UK, his blog is regularly read by over 30,000 people. His clients include Oscar and BAFTA winners. He is the author of Truth in Action, a Manual of Common Sense for Actors. Every day Mark helps actors overcome their mental obstacles on their way to a more truthful and captivating performance. Enjoy this FREE download and freely share it with your friends and colleagues.